British Physics Olympiad

Junior Astro Challenge 2021


This is the BAAO Junior Astro Challenge 2021 for Year 10 (Group A) and Year 9 (Group B) and Year 11 (Group C).

It consists of 2 × 25 minute papers each of 30 questions. You will need to work fast!

  • To login, first click Student (for students) or School (for teachers) at the top right of the page (the url changes). Or it will show if you are already logged in.
  • Close other browser windows. Do NOT use the internet

Note to Students

This is not an exam. It is a Competition. Some answers you may think you do not know, but they may be worked out by a process of elimination, looking for clues. If you feel it is difficult, it probably is. Top physicsts in the country will take this. Give it a go. It is an opportunity.

The key aim is that you should enjoy taking part and are encouraged to try out questions that make you think.

  • It is competition that relies on the honesty and integrity of all participants i.e. YOU
  • You may NOT use the internet whilst answering these question
  • Please type in your name correctly after you have logged in and REMEMBER THE PASSWORD YOU CHOOSE
  • You have to work fast and you should not spend too long on one question. Try them all. 
  • You get a mark for a correct answer. No marks are subtracted if you guess incorrectly.


Calculators may be used.                Paper and pencil may be needed to work out some answers. 


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