British Physics Olympiad

Login instructions

To login, first click Student or School (for teachers) at the top right of the page (the url changes)

  • . BAAO Year Y9/Y10/Y11 Astro Challenge 2021 consists of two, 25-minute online tests, each of 30 questions.
  • . You will be locked out of Section 1 by your teacher after 25 minutes. They will then unlock your account so that you can do Section 2.
  • . When you login, you have to choose a password. Keep it simple and REMEMBER it.
  • . This is primarily for Year 10: to enter other age groups, please tell your students to select the following groups
  • . Year 10 - Group A      Year 9 - Group B    Year 11 - Group C

You may NOT use the internet whilst answering these question. Close other browser windows.

  Calculators may be used.                         Paper and pencil may be needed to work out some answers.



Competitions at GCSE, AS and the upper sixth form year are available at Free online resources can be found there.

Working Instructions for Teachers (pdf file)